‘I am an immigrant’: Fashion icons release emotional video to fight Trump

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Donald Trump doesn’t seem to understand the tremendous contributions that immigrants make to the United States, so key members of the fashion industry are doing their best to inform him.

 In response to Trump’s executive order preventing people from seven Muslim-majority countries — including legal residents and valid visa holders — from immigrating to America, 81 of the most recognizable faces in fashion came together during New York Fashion Week to let Trump know one thing: they’re standing in solidarity with immigrants.

By simply standing in front of a camera repeating four words: “I am an immigrant,” the fashion icons made their monumental statement in the simplest of ways.W’s creative and fashion director, Edward Enninful and Adriana Lima.

Though the video featured different genders, skin colors, languages, hairdos and styles of clothing, aside from fashion, the bold and talented group all proved they have one very important thing in common — they’re impacted in some way by Trump’s harsh stance on immigration.

With an epic ad-lib, Diane von Furstenberg, a Belgian-American designer and avid Clinton supporter, closed out the video announcing, “I am an immigrant,” and adding, “America was very good to me.”


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